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"You used to sell PCs, hard drives, laptops... but what does IBM do now?" This is one question IBMers get asked all the time. In less than 2 minutes, this video effectively shifts the focus from where we've been to the new IBM emerging -- how our cognitive solutions and cloud platform technologies are transforming industries from healthcare, education, and retail to fashion, travel, and weather.


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  • Yo! I'm Chris! 👊🏿 I am currently part of the Global Technology Services Leadership Development Program as a  Client Partner Associate. It’s crazy that 10 years ago I thought I would be playing in the NFL 🏈 , but now I am playing on a different, more global team, that is on a mission to digitally transform industry 👁️ 🐝 Ⓜ️. I realised the skills I acquired in athletics, teamwork, servant leadership and hard work, were superpowers that allowed me to be successful through business school and now here at IBM. I have a passion for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity as I serve as the Co-Chair for the Greater Boston Black Network and I love sharing the professional journeys of millennials across the African Diaspora through my LinkedIn Series “The 8% Series”, come and have a search for some of my articles. I'm proud that IBM also affords me the opportunity to give back to my community through advocacy, mentorship, and public speaking. ✅
  • Hiya I’m Dr. Aisha Walcott-Bryant 👋🏿, I’m a Research Scientist 🥼 and manager at IBM Research Africa 🌍 in Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪. I proudly lead a team of Researchers and Engineers that use AI, Blockchain, and other technologies to develop innovations in Water Access and Management, core AI and Healthcare with a focus on emerging countries 🤩. I’m proud to have had a number of publications for my research and thoroughly enjoy what I do! 💙 I want to shout-out to my team as their work in Enabling Care Continuity was awarded an honorable mention in the International Conference on Health Informatics, ICHI2019 last year. 🙌🏿
  • Hey I’m Manuela 👋🏿 and I work in São Paulo, Brazil 🇧🇷. I’m an IBM Apprentice in Employee and Labour Relations and study Computer Science as part of my apprenticeship. I was recently invited to the Trip Transformers event in New York 🇺🇸 along with a number of other IBMers from around the world 🌎 - it was a pretty awesome opportunity and I got to meet so many interesting people from different walks of life! Outside of work I like to volunteer with children in my local community and introduce them to technology. On the other hand, while at work, I like to help with events to bring together fellow apprentices across Brazil and I'm also part of the local business resource group for black IBMers in Brazil where I help with events and like to share my thoughts and ideas! ✌🏿
  • Hey I'm Maria 👋 and I'm a proud IBMer in Colombia 🇨🇴 where I am the External & Executive Communications Leader. I recently visited South Africa 🇿🇦 to meet some of my colleagues from my Corporate Service Corps assignment. While we were there, we thought we would call into IBM Johannesburg and check out the site facilities - we all loved the bright colours and the designs! Erica and Pare it was so nice to catch-up with you! 💙
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